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Image by Margaux Bellott


Coming out changed my life. I realised that for the most part, the concerns and the fears I had were all in my head; they found their roots in the lack of role models that I had experienced when growing up. 

To become myself, I had to accept that the heteronormative values and references my parents had inculcated in me were not fit for me; I was different and it was ok. I had also to overcome the suffering others had forced on me by turning my sexuality and who I was against me. I no longer felt the need to justify myself for what I was and, as a result, to seek permission or acceptance from others.

I decided to speak up and to become the role model which I had never had. I want people around me, young or old and gay or straight, to experience the same feeling of liberation and freedom that I experienced after coming out and becoming who I was meant to be. 

I hope that my story, your story and the story of so many other LGBT folks and their allies will inspire people in need to be themselves and to reach out for some help!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Julien Haye

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